10 % – consultants and advisers
10 % – project team members
35 % – public offering
45 % – reserve

1 million tokens was sold during the pre-ICO.

The price and the par-value for 1 token is 1 USD.

Our token is ERC-20, so you can use any compatible wallet.

MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
Mist (Desktop)
Parity (Desktop)
imToken (iPhone)
imToken (Android)

Hard cap is 21 000 000 RDST, soft cap is 5 000 000 RDST. However should the contributions don’t reach a softcap, that doesn’t mean at all that the realisation of the project would fail. That’s because your contributions will be invested in liquid assets and they turnover will generate a profit. So even if the contribution would be below the softcap the project can be realised, may be with a little delay in the time-schedule.

Pre-ico is already over. We’d already raised a sum for 1 000 000 RDST.

The main sale start on the 3rd day of September. The sale will be stopped as far as the contribution will reach the hard cap limit. The sale is not limited by time.

There are no limits on the investment volume.

Total supply is 60,000,000 RDST

Yes, there are KYC procedure for the contribution amount in fiat currencies above 5.000 USD or its equal equivalent in other accepted currencies.


Yes, USD or EUR

Reger Diamond is the first ICO secured by real and liquid assets- diamonds.The RDS token is highly secured through their reliable market value.

If you don’t have an Ethereum address our platfom will authomatically generate for you a new wallet which will be used for transactions within the ecosystem Regerdiamond.

Bounty company will be launched soon. For information about the beginning of the company follow on the main page of our site.

RDS tokens will be used for settlements between participants on the Reger Diamond platform, as they are an integral part of our business model, enabling us to fulfill the project goals and objectives.

This token offers potential participants and investors the opportunity of financial participation in the RegerDiamond project where the investors will have the option to get the yield of up to 30% on the project’s business activities. Additionally they can earn much much more after the RDST have been listed for a free trade on various exchanges, that in turn would substantially increase its market value!

Sure! The business strategy of the Company involves stimulating the use of issued tokens within the structure of the company itself, by estimating the cost of internal transactions carried out in tokens. For example, token holders will be offered the opportunity to purchase the Company’s products for RDS tokens with an additional discount from the price-list in the amount of 10 to 20%, which should be an additional incentive to purchase RDS token.

1. Precious stones, diamonds and brilliants are a reliable asset to guarantee the return on investment in the medium and long term. Investing in RDS Token will allow investors to preserve savings with guaranteed real supply of diamonds and receive a regular stable income.

2. Investors will be entitled to exchange RDS token for the appropriate physical quantity available in stock-diamonds, jewelry at prices published in own online store with a discount of 10 to 20% from the price-list.

3. Ability to quickly organize and carry out the exchange of cryptocurrencies in the fiat currency and vice versa.

4. RDS token will allow users of the ecosystem to earn money, as well as spend it to purchase goods and services in accordance with its current market value with a significant discount.

5. Stable project protected from exchange rate fluctuations.

6. Security and transparency of the operations carried out that is provided by the Ethereum network.

The unsold part of tokens will be reserved for a third stage of the Project. Listing and a free trade on the exchanges. There will be a token secured by real assets on ist par-value.

Should the contributions won’t reach a softcap, that doesn’t mean at all, that the realisation of the project would fail. That’s because your contributions will be invested into liquid assets and they turnover will generate a profit. So even if the contribution would be below the softcap the project can be realised, may be with a little delay in the time-schedule.

Yes but only in special cases!

Yes, it’s $100 or ist equivalent in other fiat or crypto currencies

We plan to organise Flash actions, Bonus campagnes and other pleasant surprises for our community-members. Please subscribe to our newsletters to get informed about these and other events.

The residents of the USA, Syria, Irak Afganistan and some other countries are not allowed to participate in our ICO project

When purchasing the tokens they will not be transferred DIRECTLY to THE Ethereum WALLET LINKED TO YOUR ACCOUNT, but will be securely locked inside the smart contract until the end of its validity period. The actual account statement will always be visible in the dashboard of the User Interface within the platform. After the contract expires, the tokens will automatically be transferred to the owner’s address in the Ethereum system. ….. AND during the contract period you will receive periodically term payments directly into your wallet

Tokens that are paid as dividends after each 3 month period are immediately tin full pocession of their Owner, who can at any time move them to another Wallet, or sell them to the secondary market or the RegerDiamond platform.

After the token sale, the token go to the exchange platform so you will have the possibility to buy it, of course.


The purpose of the project is to raise funds through the project placement on the platforms of public funding ICO for the ecosystem formation along with the creation of sales network of the Company’s products throughout the world.

Reger Diamond is an diamond and jewellery brand with about 10 years of experience in the manufacturing of diamonds stones and jewelry collections, which now gives everyone the opportunity to get involved in the most secured business in the world – the diamond business.

We think that we will receive as a result:

● Access to financial resources;
● Transparency of transactions;
● Stability of the ongoing investments.

Obvious advantages of participating in the business with diamond assets are as follows:
● Financial stability of assets;
● Low-risk and secure financial investments;
● Guaranteed dividends in the long term.

Sure! Competitive advantages of our Company:

● Experience in the jewelry business since 2009;
● Rewarding experience in creating and promoting jewelry collections with diamonds and precious stones;
● Reliable and time-proved relationships with diamond suppliers from Brazil, Angola and Guinea allowing for continuous and uninterrupted large quantities purchase of “raw” diamonds for manufacturing our products;
● Long-term successful cooperation with jewelry designers and manufacturers from Belgium, France and Italy, as well as with lapidary centers of India and Israel, diamond exchanges in Belgium and the UAE;
● Professional team project includes experienced employees and consultants from the sector of jewelry production, commerce, IT, finance, audit, etc.;
● Available production equipment and facilities including all necessary equipment;
● Streamlined and vast network of agents (jewelry distributors) all over the world;
● Possession of our own modern technology of diamond improvement including the HPHT processing.

ICO has already started! Here and Now you can invest in diamond busines and enjoy a stable and secured profit!

The website may be displayed in many languages such as english, german, russian,chinese and others.

Because it have unique advantages, such as:

● Low threshold of entry into the business allowing to reach the widest possible audience of investors
● A high level of profitability can amount to hundreds and thousands of percent in the real term.
● Market growth fueled by an increasing flow of attracted investments.
● Mobility and independence allowing you to do this business from anywhere.
● Low labor costs along with the opportunities to automate processes with scripts, robots, etc.



1) Attraction of investment amounted to $21,500,000 s for replenishment of
working capital for the purpose of acquisition at wholesale prices of natural
“raw” diamonds and production highly liquid assets – the certified diamonds
and jewelry from them
2) Acquisition of additional production equipment to expand existing
production, processing of natural diamonds by HPHT and development of
a worldwide sales network.
3) Meeting the diverse needs of consumers for high quality jewelry and
unique design by creating a variety of diamond jewelry collections,
including: regular and exclusive collections, a unique collection, as well
as a collection of watches and accessories for ladies and gentlemen.
4) Increase in the availability of diamond products to different consumers
using modern revolutionary technologies of processing of diamond raw
5) Creation of a single Internet platform for the presentation of all types of
diamond products manufactured by the Company for consumers and
investors and sales.
6) Usage of a blockchain technology to ensure transparency of business
processes and availability of information for both investors and end
customers of the Company’s products.

Sale of jewelry along with NATURAL and HPHT stones, will be carried out through own online platform with an integrated online store. In the future a system of commission sales, franchising, as well as the organized production of the customized products for other companies and brands will be provided.

At the end of 2018 Sales centers and jewelry shops of the company in Dubai (UAE) and Lugano (Switzerland) will be opened.

It is one of the important sales channels for the products will be international Internet-platform oriented towards work with corporate and private clients in the markets of the Near East and Far East, and also the USA and Canada.



Оur company Invest Diamond s.r.o. is registered in Prague, Czech Republic

The history of the company dates back to the commissioning of an industrial diamond processing plant with capacity up to 30,000 carats per year in Luxembourg and the creation of the first jewelry collection under the trademark called RegerDiamond in 2009.


Here you can read all information about our team.

Оur main office is located in Prague, Czech Republic.


Main office: Na Morani 360/3, 12800, Prague, Czech Republic

Production place: Oderska 333/5, 19600, Impera Indusrial Park, Prague, Czech Republic

PO BOX: Praha, PSC 110 00, Czech Republic.
VAT ID : CZ06845797
CEO: Vladislav Reger +420 228 880 190

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Main Office

Production Place